2019 Fitness Goal Objectives- Week of Feb 10


I’ve set my fitness goals for the year, and I’ve already started working on them.  I’ll be sharing my progress along the way. If you’re a Mom who’s not exercising regularly, maybe I can help give you some motivation so you can join me in becoming a fit Mom in 2019! 

This past week was so much better than last week.  I hit all of my workouts, and either improved my time or added weight in each of my runs and weight trainings.  I’m going to try and build on that going into this week.
While at the track Sunday, we got invited to join a running club that was also there doing sprints.  So I might do that on occasion.  We’ve also come to the conclusion that we need to get a stopwatch for tracking our sprint time.  The running app on my phone isn’t really made for short distances like this, and the stopwatch feature on the phone isn’t very handy when you’re sprinting full speed down a track.  It will be easier to track my improvement using an actual stopwatch for these days.

My first 5k of the year is also coming up in less than two weeks (2/23), so I’m keeping that in mind as I do my runs these next two weeks.

Last Week’s Results:

Sun: Sprints- Trimmed some more time off my sprints.

Mon: Upper body- Dumbbell bench press and ring rows. I did several sets on the bench press, working my way up to the 20 pounders .  Hopefully, as I build strength here, my push-ups will also improve.

Tue: 3 mile run- Complete

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper body- Dumbbell shoulder press and bicycle crunches.  I worked my way up to the 20 pounders here too.

Fri: Legs- One legged squats.  Working on not only my leg strength, but my balance and core too.

Sat: Rest

This Week’s Schedule:

Sun: Sprints

Mon: Upper body

Tue: Run (2 or 3 miles)

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper Body

Fri: Legs

Sat: Rest

Just a reminder, the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k, is coming up in late February. I will be continuing to run in preparation for this, and  I’d love for you to come run this race with me! Shoot me a message if you’re thinking about going.

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