2018 Top Ten Posts Recap


2018 has been a very exciting year for WorkingMomX!  When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t sure how things would go. I was just having a little fun, but then things really took off.

I’ve met a lot of terrific Moms, and also a few great fellow bloggers along the way. It’s been really fun sharing ideas and tips for working Moms, and it’s helped me learn a thing or two about being a better Mom myself. I’m really excited about some of the things I have planned for 2019, and I hope you join me for another fantastic year.

In the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to look back at the top ten most read posts from this past year.

So here is is- the 2018 Top Ten Posts Recap

10. Sunshine Blogger Award– There are some great Mom-bloggers out there.

9. You Have a Friend Request– Don’t take this social media advice literally.

8. 3 Great Cocktails for Fall– Looking for some fun beverage ideas?

7. This is Us- I love this Show, I hate this Show– I’m always happy to share my opinion on whatever hot tv series.

6. Habits of a Successful Working Mom (If only life were that simple)– Part of being a good Mom is being able to laugh off all of the stupid advice we get sometimes.

5. How to Make a Little Extra Spending Money for the Holidays– Who wouldn’t want a little extra spending money?

4. Tieks- A Rational Purchase– I love my Tieks!

3. Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Guys– I don’t know if you bought your man any of the items from this list, but hopefully the ideas helped.

2. Maintaining Your Brazilian Blowout– One of the most exciting things I’ve done with my hair.

1.Top 9 Christmas Gifts for Kids– My resident child expert helped with this one



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