It’s tough being a working Mom. First, you have the excitement of first learning you are expecting. Then, over the course of several months, that tranisitions into a period of regular doctors visits, evolving eating tastes, and the oh so pleasant changing bodily characteristics. And you’re working all through this time.

Then it’s the arrival of your little bundle of joy. And changings. And feedings. And late night feedings.

After a short while, you’re back at the office. Now it’s time for the overwhelming guilt you feel each time you drop off your precious little infant at the daycare center. The place came highly recommended, and you had to be on a waiting list to get your child in, so you know it’s good, but you still never shake the guilt.

The infant grows into a toddler. Crawling, then standing, then step by step, they’re walking. Each moment of visible growth brings back the same level of emotion you had the day they were born.

Your toddler grows into a pre-schooler, followed by pre-K. They’re talking now, and you’re blown away by the conversations they’re having with you. You can’t believe how fast they’re growing, and your new parent nervousnous starts to fade away, while your performance at work starts to feel as though it is actually normalizing.

Then it’s the first day of Kindergarten. Might as well be the first day of college, because that’s what it feels like. You can’t believe how big they are now, and how scared you are at this moment. Will they find their way to the classroom? Will they be ok in a room full of strange kids? What if something happens?

You finally manage to pull away from the school, on your way to the office. The thoughts are never very far back in your mind, but each day it gets easier and easier.

Your focus at work is sharp now, and your career begins to feel as though it is back on an upward trajectory. Your child is still the most important thing in your life ( Sorry husband, we still love you, but you know you got demoted a long time ago), but you’ve found a balance between work and family.

Even though things run smoothly most of the time, you still have those moments that push you to the edge. It’s tough being a working Mom. That’s why I’m writing here.
I have a good husband, and he tries hard, but sometimes I just need to share my thoughts without him trying to solve everything for me. Hopefully you don’t mind, but this blog is my opportunity to get things off my chest in a safe environment.

It’s not a one-way street either. Share your thoughts with me. Together, we can support each other, and continue to be the Super Mom’s we know we are.

Oh, and the X in Working Mom X. It could symbolize a couple things.  My anonymity, The X chromosome that represents us woman, or…here’s piece of personal information.  My husband and I had to go through in-vitro.  It was quite the process, and quite the surprise when we finally had success.  So much so, we didn’t have any names picked out.

My husband and I were both neck deep in our jobs, and we weren’t making very good progress on the name front. It all had been kind of scientific up to this point, you know- test tubes and all, so we just started calling him Baby X.  Our friends and family looked at us funny whenever we used this term, but we needed some sort of reference.

Eventually, after we found out the sex of our coming baby, we hunkered down and came to an agreement on a name.  But Baby X is now the reason I am Working Mom X.

Oh, and workingmom.com was already taken.

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