Why Working Mom X?

It’s tough being a Working Mom.

It all starts with the excitement of learning you are expecting. Then, over the course of several months, that tranisitions into a period of regular doctors visits, evolving eating tastes, and the oh so pleasant changing bodily characteristics. And you’re working all through this time.

Then it’s the arrival of your little bundle of joy. And changings. And feedings. And late night feedings. And very little sleep.

After a short while, you’re back at the office. Now it’s time for the overwhelming guilt you feel each time you drop off your precious little infant at the daycare center. You know it’s a good one, and your child is safe, but you still never shake the guilt.

The infant grows into a toddler. Crawling, then standing, then step by step, they’re walking. Each moment of visible growth brings back the same level of emotion you had the day they were born.

Your toddler grows into a pre-schooler, followed by pre-K. They’re talking now, and you’re blown away by the conversations they’re having with you. You can’t believe how fast they’re growing, and your new parent nervousnous starts to fade away, while your performance at work starts to feel as though it is actually normalizing.

Then it’s the first day of Kindergarten. Might as well be the first day of college, because that’s what it feels like. You can’t believe how big they are now, and how scared you are at this moment. Will they find their way to the classroom? Will they be ok in a room full of strange kids? What if something happens?

You finally manage to pull away from the school, on your way to the office. The thoughts are never very far back in your mind, but each day it gets a little easier and easier.

Well, actually, it doesn’t. Because your kid never likes what you make for dinner. Or they’re fighting going to bed. Or they’re spending too much time on the iPad. It doesn’t get easier, it’s just that the challenges evolve.

But your focus at work is sharper now, and your career begins to feel as though it is back on an upward trajectory. Your child is still the most important thing in your life (Sorry husband, we still love you, but you know you got demoted a long time ago), and you’ve found a balance between work and family.

You may be in any one of those stages, or with multiple kids, maybe your’re even stradling a couple. No matter where you’re at in those phases, if you have kids and you work, you’re a Working Mom.

Even though things run smoothly most of the time, you still have those moments that push you to the edge. It’s tough being a working Mom.

Hi, I’m Candace, and I’m a working Mom. I’ve been through all of those stages above, and I’m going through new ones every day.  I’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work.

I started this blog to help working moms to find balance between family, work and life. In it, you’ll find money saving tips, organizing, time management, and parenting tips.


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  1. My little guy is only 5 months old and the mom guilt is for real! I am late to work almost every day cause I can’t stand leaving him each morning.

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